Caroline Avnit is a poet and author whose work engages with themes of healing, love, loss and femininity in a deeply personal way.

Trained both in Psychology, Yoga and Energy Healing, Caroline has worked in these fields for the last fifteen years, coaching, teaching and giving self-development retreats and workshops encouraging people to live more peaceful and fulfilled lives.

Her background in both Psychology and Comparative Religious Studies (specialising in Eastern Religion and Meditation), in conjunction with her experience with people’s healing and personal transformation, often influences her writing. She is especially drawn to the different dynamics in relationships and women's issues.

Caroline has written poetry since childhood, has always had a love of words and values the importance of self-expression.

She is passionate about working with people and enjoys the process of getting into a person or character's mind and understanding what makes them tick. It is her ideal to create work that her readers can relate to and find inspiring.

Caroline currently lives in Cape Town with her husband, two beautiful daughters and crazy Basset Hound named Harry.

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