“My philosophy is that all things in life can be healed with compassion, peace and joy. ”

Caroline has been helping people to transform their lives for 15 years through her coaching, teaching and writing. She has seen how emotions and negative experiences that are stored in the human energy field can cause disturbances and lead to disease in the body and mind. She believes in working with all levels of a person to effect change – energetically, emotionally, mentally as well as physically. This combination has a profound healing effect, side-stepping years of traditional therapy.

Caroline believes in empowering her clients by teaching them about managing their energy in order to take ownership of their lives . She has guided many people to make powerful transformations as a result of taking responsibility for their physical and mental health, working with her in this holistic way.  This process frequently leads to profound journeys of self-discovery and fulfillment, while also enabling them with simple yet effective coping tools to get back on track when life’s obstacles appear. Caroline provides a host of techniques that enable a person to take control of their own healing including: relaxation techniques, visualisations and meditation, physical exercises, breathing, affirmations to re-train negative beliefs and more.

Her training includes: Psychology, Comparative Religious Studies, Integral Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation and Energy Healing. She has published poetry and produces a host of guided meditations and visualisations to assist clients find relaxation, confidence, inner strength and joy.

Her beliefs centre around the need for people to develop a peaceful life within, embracing intuition and feminine energy to balance the western lifestyle of heavy mind-based and externally focussed lives.

She is especially passionate about working with women and helping them with issues ranging from in-fertility to self-love. Caroline believes that almost all conditions can be healed through cultivating compassion, joy and peace and embarking on a daily practice that enables people to understand and raise their own energy vibration, regardless of religion or spiritual preference.

Energy healer, Coach and spiritual teacher

Caroline is a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition and has also studied other forms of energy healing. In conjunction with her knowledge of psychology, she created a holistic coaching method that combines energy work with traditional coaching techniques and practical methodology. Over the years she has taught many students how to work with energy and guided them in their personal journeys. Caroline is deeply spiritual and passionate about personal transformation – especially about empowering and inspiring women to connect with their higher selves and harness that power in order to overcome their emotional issues and other obstacles that they may face in their lives. She specialises in healing emotional and stress related issues including depression and anxiety and is also personally committed to helping women with fertility issues. She uses her medical intuition, calming voice and tremendous empathy to connect with clients and bring about profound healing.

“It is my aim to de-mystify spiritual concepts and practices, making these tools easily accessible for you to use to improve the quality of your life.”


Caroline qualified as an Integral Vinyasa Yoga Teacher from Ananda Sanga in 2003 and as a children’s yoga teacher with the Radiant Child Program shortly after. She has been involved with teaching Yoga for fifteen years and has developed a style involving dynamic, choreographed flow sequences and a manner that is both heart-centred and intuitive. She works with Yoga as a powerful tool for enabling healing and personal transformation in her students.

Poet & Author

Caroline has written poetry since childhood, has always had a love of words and values the importance of creative self-expression. Her writing is currently her central focus.
She is especially inspired by the works of the mystics and enjoys expressing herself through the writing of devotional poetry. It is her ideal to create work that her readers can relate to and find inspiring.

Mother & Nurturer

Caroline is the mother of two daughters and has always been a believer in conscious and mindful parenting. She is a passionate foodie and loves to nurture and feed her family and friends with tasty, nutritious meals. Whenever she has a free moment, she finds herself in the kitchen experimenting with flavours or baking up a batch of something tasty and wholesome. She is enthusiastic about food that nurtures one’s soul, something she calls ‘Voluptuous food’. Aiming for good health, emotional wellbeing and balance is her philosophy for both parenting and food.

Believer in The Divine Feminine

Caroline is extremely passionate about working with the principle of feminine energy and the need for this in today’s hectic and often harsh world. This involves working with men and women to embrace the feminine principles of creativity, intuition and joy as well as helping them connect with the flow of life. She integrates this concept into her tools and healing practices in order to enable people to feel inspired and become empowered in their lives. She has also worked a great deal on the issue of fertility and is drawn to helping women who are battling with this deeply personal issue. By going within and embracing the feminine aspect of themselves, tremendous healing and growth can occur.