poet - mystic - seeker

My tag line description of who I was on social media has included "writer, poet, speaker, healer, teacher, yogi, foodie, creator, inspired by acts of kindness, wine lover, book reader", and so the list goes on as I evolve or grapple with the right words to describe myself in a way that sounds appropriate and interesting to an audience I do not know.

The truth is I am all of these things and I am none of these things.

They are all just words. Silly words. For how can we truly put a label on who we are?

I wanted a space where I could lay my soul bare, where I could share both the creative aspects of myself and my spiritual journey. There are no words that can succinctly describe this space I am in, as it is also an evolving process, an organic thing.

So now the words I have chosen above simply serve as a reminder for me and a guide for you as to who I am NOW, in this moment and what I choose to focus my energy on. They give little clue as to the journey that got me here and I need to ensure they won’t limit the possibilities for how I, or my life may evolve moving forward, but for now this is me and it is enough. Welcome.

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