For those of you who like to know the facts...

- Honours Degree in Psychology, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2007
- Bachelor of Arts degree (Psychology and Comparitive Religion), UNISA, 2006
- Reiki Masters Certification, Corina Pedder, Cape Town, South Africa, March 2006
- Level 1 and 2 Radiant Child Program - Teaching Yoga to Children, Shaka Kaur Khalsa Director RCYP, 15th May 2005
- 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, Ananda Sanga Educational Institute, Somerset West, South Africa, 31st October 2003
- Graphic Design Diploma, Foundation School of Art, Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa, December 1996

Work Experience:
My work experience for the last twenty years has been in the field of wellness and spirituality, specifically as a Holistic Life Coach and Yoga Teacher, specialising in helping people overcome emotional issues and heal from stress related conditions. It has always been my passion to help, inspire and empower women to live more fulfilled lives and be the best version of themselves that they can be. I enjoy working with individuals but am also very passionate about working with groups, speaking, teaching and doing motivational training for businesses and over the years have been fortunate to enjoy creating and leading workshops, courses and personal development retreats that do this.

My Perspective:

Acknowledging that we are all connected and need each other; viewing health and illness from a holistic perspective and embracing our spirituality and connection with God and the Earth, are all concepts that I believe in and promote. Most of all I am a believer in compassion to alleviate struggle and the healing power of love.

And now...
Writing has always been a hobby - something I did in my spare time, but for the past year and a half I have stopped all work and put an end to the career I was in and taken a leap of faith. I am now focusing all my energy on my family and my writing. In my spare time I go for walks in the park, do yoga and spend time experimenting in the kitchen.
I currently live in London with my husband, and two daughters.