August 15, 2020

Born for Society

Born for Society
“Man was born for society. However little He may be attached to the World, He never can wholly forget it, or bear to be wholly forgotten by it."
Matthew Gregory Lewis

I have been rather silent on here for a while now. We have been moving a lot around London, staying in different AirBnb apartments. The good part of this is that I have had a taste of different areas and also experienced different types of houses and apartments, which has given me a greater idea of what I like and don’t like and what I need to prioritise in a property search. The negative part of moving is that it is extremely stressful and disruptive. Each time I move I feel I have to find my rhythm again, settle into the new home and environment and get back into a routine. I feel a lose a day on each side of the move. So, this has sadly effected my writing.

I met two interesting women this week, the kinds I imagine I could become friends with. One was at Church and it was the first time in so long that I had a good conversation with someone in person, other than a family member. It was also the first time in a very long time that someone acknowledged and consoled me. I had told her my story of immigrating just as lockdown set in and everything we have been through and she acknowledged how hard and traumatic that must have been and also how lonely. There are so many emotions one keeps buried when you are dealing with life that you tend to forget they are even there, until someone mentions them. I suddenly felt vulnerable and overcome with emotion. I had to hold back tears. Kindness does this to me.

The other woman is a yoga teacher from Australia, a lovely bubbly woman who took pity on me and my family as we huddled virtually on her doorstep out of the rain, while waiting for an Airbnb fiasco to be sorted out.

These brief meetings remind me of how highly I value connection and relationships, especially with women. I am a sociable person and I thrive on interaction. I have really missed my friends back in SA during this time and I know it will take time to build a friendship circle here, especially under these circumstances, but these brief encounters give me hope.