April 7, 2020



We can no sooner control our fate
than we can the elements
the currency of our free will
has been spent
and we are left alone
with our desperate longing.

A dark night has overcome the world
and with it, a deep knowing
that now is the time to be still
now is the time to go within
to search our souls
and heal the broken parts of us
that block our path
or turn dreams into shadows.

When your heart is weary or afraid
and it seems as if all is lost
close your eyes,
take a deep breath
and turn within.
Solitude can be your friend
let it guide you home.

Before this day ends
bring your cares and
rest your head in the lap of God
trusting, no matter what,
the dawn will come.

Photo by Olga Filonenko on Unsplash
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