What does it mean to feel inspired and to live an inspired life?

Inspiration often leads to, as well as results from creativity. It is an inter- connected positive circle flow of energy. Inspiration results in creativity. Creativity leads to inspiration. The two are mutually inclusive and the reason you are here on this Earth.

We are all creative. Whether you believe in creation or the big bang theory, the bottom line is that the first act of life was a creative one. We are born to bring forth life, to create. There is no such thing as someone who is not creative, it is in our nature. Creativity simply manifests itself in di!erent ways for di!erent people, depending on your personality, innate talents and environment. Perhaps your creativity is reflected in your ability to create life and the way in which you parent? Perhaps it involves being creative in the kitchen and cooking a delicious meal for your family to enjoy or baking something tasty and comforting? You may express your creativity in the way your decorate your home, yourself or your garden. Perhaps you engage in artistic endeavors such as painting, pottery, writing or crafts? You can be creative by making music, playing an instrument or singing. You creatively express yourself through movement, such as the flow of dance, as creativity also relates to the way in which we move in the world and the ease at which we do. It does not matter how you express it, it just matters that you do. Creativity is not always about something aesthetic. It also relates to getting things done - the way you organise an event, task or project and make things happen. The process of taking something from an idea, giving it life and allowing it to grow to fruition. It can involve starting a company, discovering a new scientific formula or creating a product. Creativity is also directly related to fertility. It relates to anything that involves manifestation, such as the manifestation of abundance(health, wealth and meaningful relationships) in your life, and as a result is of great importance to your wellbeing and the attainment of your life’s purpose.

To block your creative energy is to block the flow of life. This leads to a lack of inspiration, dullness, boredom, negative life experiences and inevitable depression. Don’t go there. There is no need.

To feel inspired you first need to accept that you are a creative being of this universe and embrace your creative self! Then open to the flow of inspiration from within and where it can lead you.

Creativity involves the way you express your highest intention and connection to Spirit and all that moves both around and within you. When creativity flows within you, you feel excited, in-tune with the flow of life and inspired. All things tingle. All things are possible. You are limitless.

Creativity leads to inspiration which leads to contentment, but being creative is di!erent to just being happy. Being happy or content is a state of being, while feeling inspired involves a state of doing. It is action based as a way of changing your reality in order to create the life you want. It involves flow, movement, action and change. It involves a shift in thinking. Our creative centre relates to pleasure and joy. Feeling inspired leads to something greater than mere contentment, it leads to a spiritual state of bliss.

Joseph Campbell said, "Follow your bliss". I say “follow you inspiration, it will lead you to bliss”.

Creativity involves being passionate about something and that passion is fueled by things that inspire you. Some ways in which you can fuel and nurture that source of inspiration are to:

1) Look at objects of beauty, (clothing, photographs, paintings, designs in magazine etc)

2) Immerse yourself in nature (nothing is more awe inspiring than the beauty of the ocean, trees, animals and natural surroundings of this beautiful planet.

3) Be positive. (A positive mindset is the fertile ground on which inspiration and creativity can grow) 4)Engage with those that feel inspired by life. (interesting people that want to talk about real things, share what they know and feel and have learnt and have a positive outlook.)

5) Read inspiring words, motivational quotes and soul-stirring poems.

6)Listen. Play music, listen to the sounds around you, motivational talks, your inner voice.

7) Have a spiritual practice such as meditating each day and be guided by Spirit.

8) Pay attention. To the symbols and signs around you.

9)Be grateful. Give thanks for all you have and all you desire, as of you already have it and watch as the magic of life unfolds before you.

10) Use colour. Avoid black and grey. Wear colourful clothing, decorate with colour, have flowers in your home.

11) Be in-touch with your body and pamper and care for yourself.

12) Do at least one pleasurable activity each day - have fun.

13) Plan something to look forward to in the near future and work towards it.

14) Feed your mind. Aim to learn at least one new thing each year. Take up a course, learn a language, how to cook, paint etc

15) Explore your world. Travel to both near and far o! places and soak it all up.

16) Journal. Record your thought, feelings, dreams, gratitude and something about your life each day.

I hope you will find inspiration through the spiritual practices of yoga and meditation. No matter where you are and what you may be doing. I want you to feel that tingle inside. I want you to feel connected (to Spirit, to God, to Your higher self), feel excited (about the possibilities for your life) and most of all feel inspired (to create it!)


Caroline xx