September 28, 2020

Dear Daughters

Dear Daughters

I write this before it is too late
I sense the pending gloom
and need to put words to paper
before I am lost
in the wave of darkness
that threatens to overwhelm me.

If the worst happens
feel no guilt
just place me somewhere near the sea
where I can look out at the ocean
and remember

you running on the beach
with little blonde curls
blowing in the wind

If I can smell the fresh sea air upon waking
and be put to sleep
by the sound of the waves
that is heaven enough for me, my girls

Feel no sorry, nor loss
for life must be lived forward, freely
and the future belongs to you, not me
Do not fret
we have had so much of each other

Do not feel obliged to visit often
but when you do
bring chocolate
and hold my hand for a while
And forgive me
if I cannot put the pieces together
enough to remember your name
Know that my mind may forget,
but it will forever be etched
upon my heart