With Winter comes colds and flu and the need to hibernate and give one’s body a much needed rest. There are certain comfort foods that are associated with healing such as chicken noodle soup, preferably brought to you in bed by your mother and little home remedies like hot toddies or a simple cup of hot water with honey and lemon stirred in, that you can slowly sip to soothe a sore throat. At times I make similar concoctions using ginger, garlic and turmeric (my favourite healing spice) that my children will never forgive me for.
I still hold a memory of some old Afrikaans ‘mootee’ made using onions with sugar that my mom once tried to give me.

Nature provides as always though and we need not look far to find the healing we need supplied in the fresh citrus fruits, guavas and green leafy veg that’s all on offer in the cooler months. Yesterday we made fresh orange juice from a bag of oranges. It was so refreshing and when you taste something like that, just freshly squeezed, it makes you realise how horrid the store-bought juice is. It just doesn’t compare.

One of the dishes I associate with being sick in bed, is something called ‘Egg in a cup’. I still don’t know if this is actually a thing or not. I know it was a tradition in my mom’s family growing up and then in ours, as she would always come into my bedroom baring the gift of a large mug filled with a soft boiled egg, some white bread and lots of butter and salt and pepper, all mushed together. Getting the balance right so that it is not too runny but no too dry is an art I have only recently learnt when giving this family healing remedy to my own children.

Such a simple thing really - egg in a cup, but somehow that always made me feel better, in a way that only love from a mother can do.

How to make Egg in a Cup:

  • Place a pot of water on to boil and once the water is boiling, add the egg.
  • Boil for around 6 minutes if the egg was in the fridge and 5 minutes if it was at room temperature.
  • Butter a slice of white bread, break up the bread and place it in a large cup.
  • Add the boiled egg and some salt and white pepper to taste.
  • Mush everthing together using a fork, adding extra butter or even a dash of warm milk to soften further, if needed.
  • Serve to the one you love, in bed.