Each week I plan the theme of my yoga class. My ideas come from inspiration from many different sources, but mostly from my own personal themes and experiences at the time. Because we are all connected on a higher level of consciousness, I have found that more often then not, I have students telling me how much the messages of that class resonated with them. I always trust in this and the divine guidance I receive in planning my lessons.

This past week I so badly wanted to read a beautiful, inspiring and empowering poem in class, but instead have been repeatedly drawn to a very different theme. I made the decision earlier today to listen to my gut and rather go with this theme and since then have been inundated with signs and synchronicity confirming its relevance.

The theme is that of loving kindness.

One of the things I notice when working with people or observing people in therapy or who are new to the spiritual path, is that there is a large amount of “I-ness”. This is actually contradictory of a spiritual path, where the ego should be transcended, but is a common side-effect of focusing on ourselves. There is a huge amount of self-entitlement, defensiveness and even narcissism. I understand where this originates from. Before they opened the doors to self-awareness, they may have been victimized or judged by society, family or friends for being different or choosing an alternate lifestyle. This can lead to defensiveness and even aggression. Years later, owning their truth and stepping into their power can make them feel giddy with that energy and new found knowledge and power. It is normal to not want to allow people to diminish us. It is healthy to create boundaries, to be expressive and to honour who we are. It is not acceptable though to claim to be spiritual and yet continue to judge others for their path.

More and more I want to shout out to people to please just go a bit gentler - with yourselves and with each other.

Be a kind voice in what is too often a harsh world. Show a little compassion.

I am not preaching from some higher ground here - I am defensive at times, I know I can be judgmental - but I am also committed to my spiritual path and self-development which means that each day I ask myself some hard questions and try and work on these things to be a better person - not perfect, but the best person I can be. We are all human here and all learning. Life is the perfect classroom and relationships with others are our strictest teacher.

I also know that spiritually there is no separation. When we judge another, we judge ourselves. We owe it to ourselves to work on this. We owe it to humanity. A little love can go a long way.

I know there are times people can rub you up the wrong way and yes, the world is full of arseholes, this is true. But each challenging person you encounter is here to teach you something about yourself. Each relationship is a mirror reflecting back to you what you most need to see.

Before you cast judgement, ask yourself what part of you is doing the judging and where that judgement comes from. Heal that wound inside you, that part of you that feels pain. Take a deep breath and then try and view the situation and all involved from a place of compassion, from a mindset of loving kindness.

This powerful practice may magically transmute darkness into light, fear and hate into love. We are all alchemists. We all have the power to change things, if we are brave enough to confront ourselves first and then have a willingness to be the change.

Today my wish for you is to step out of that place of judgement, into your true self, allowing the light of love to shine down upon you and illuminate your way.

Photo by Ester Marie Doysabas on Unsplash