Helping women heal and enhance their fertility in order to hopefully successful conceive a child, is something close to my heart that I feel deeply passionate about.

I battled for many years to conceive a child and know how painful and lonely that journey can be. It took a long time before I was correctly diagnosed with endometriosis and during that time I learnt a lot about many of the emotional pitfalls and effects that battling with infertility can have on your relationships, your self-esteem, sense of hope and your life as a whole. As intense and debilitating as my experience with infertility was, I am also very aware of how my experience could be compared to dipping my toe in what is the ocean of infertility. So many of you reading this now will have gone through much more then me and my heart goes out to you. I have since worked with many women who have undergone many invasive medical procedures, being prodded with needles, filled with hormones, battled failed IVFs as well as miscarriages, to name a few. They usually find me as a last resort when all else fails. There are others who recognise they need help with stress or who choose to undergo holistic treatments alongside medical procedures - an approach I do recommend.

For many years I felt guided to work in this field, but didn’t quite know how to go about it. I am not a medical doctor and could not see how else to help women with this problem. I worked teaching prenatal yoga to those already pregnant, but my calling was to help women who battled to conceive. At the end of the day, the women found me. As an energy healer and holistic coach I started to do healing work with women desperate to have a baby, especially those who had been told by doctors that they would never be able to conceive or who could simply not afford the expensive medical procedures needed.

The healing process is long and involves a look at a number of contributing factors from lifestyle to repressed emotions, past abuse, stress and hormonal imbalances. I use energy healing, vibration, meditation, journalling and stress management tools to produce what is often a miraculous result. I am always humbled by these women’s strength and the power and beauty of life to prevail when we are brave enough to show up and do the necessary work. Ultimately it is not me doing the healing, I am just guiding the process.

Recently the level of healing work has deepened with greater spiritual work involving connecting with the souls of the future children in order to understand why this process is being delayed. This has been life transforming and ground breaking in any ways for both myself and my clients.

I am not God and can never guarantee a successful conception, but it is my deepest desire to help and make a difference in this field and I currently feel I am just at the beginning of a whole new way of thinking about this sensitive issue that effects almost 15% of the population.

  • I currently have a fertility course, I AM FERTILE - Overcoming Obstacles to Fertility, available on Insight Timer. If you are a women battling to conceive, please consider taking a look at this very affordable 10 day journey towards healing:
  • Please also contact me for private sessions if you would like to take your healing journey even further.

I also post many different coping tools, affirmations and advice on embracing feminine energy, of which fertility is a huge part of, on this blog, so be sure to stop by often.

All my love on this journey ahead,