June 25, 2020

Her Voice

Her Voice

I thought I lost you there
in amongst the tall grass,
Bluebells and Foxglove.

I thought I lost you
where the fairies go to dance
and the squirrels like to hide.

I had grown accustomed to the silence,
the gentle peace of it
and found the lack of words
to be more profound
- an odd thing for a writer to say.

But the heavy dam of water
had been held back for too long.
Slippery wet fishes of emotion
escaped as soon as the wall began to crack.
It was only then that I opened my eyes

and saw you
disguised as a small clawing creature
a wildling thing.
When I found you
you didn’t just speak
you howled.

Photo by Zane Līsmane on Unsplash