In the beginning we are so used to the noise, the distractions, the mental clutter, that we cannot see through it. We are busy and we think that we like it that way, but really we are hiding from life, hiding from ourselves.

When we make an effort to slow down and experience peace, we resist it. Once we are able to move through the resistance though, we are hooked - we are like droplets of water returning to the ocean, and like the ocean, she receives us and cleanses us. When we are present in a moment of calmness and are aware of the silence, our breath moving through our bodies, the sound of the wind against the trees, we begin to need that silence more often. Our whole being craves it. TV, cellphones-ringing, car’s hooters going - these become akin to a violence against our Spirit. Life fills our landscape with these noises and we become much like thirsty men in a desert, seeking a drink of precious water. We need to look long and hard to find the peace, but it is there. To hear the love behind the words of judgement, to look past ill-doings or bad intentions and forgive, to switch off the sounds - those external and internal, around us and slowly allow ourselves to simply be. Seek out peace this weekend. Find it beneath the rushing, the crowds and traffic. Slow down and find it in the moment you just sit with your child, or eat a meal, wash the clothes. Escape to it. Forget the urgency of life pressing against you, and escape into the silence. Just sit with someone, without words or a need to fill the space. Walk into nature and let it absorb you. Allow a flower’s petals to compel your mind, the rain to wash away your worries, the sounds of birds to seep into your soul, drowning out any inner longing, desperate seeking or sense of hurry.

Allow the moments of peace to flood in and become part of you. Engaged in yoga, or dance, surrender and let your movement and your breathing become the same. Seek out five quiet moments with a book and a cup of tea, time kneeling in prayer or deep, relaxing breaths before bed. Wake 10 minutes earlier to recite a mantra, send out gratitude or take a quiet walk in your garden. Seated in meditation, allow your soul to settle, your mind to focus, your body to feel connected to the Earth beneath you. Five minutes of water against your body in the bath, lighting some incense and sitting, stirring a pot of soup, playing your favourite music.

These are the sacred, stolen moments for yourself, that are there, waiting for you to seize them.

Seek out these moments of peace this weekend,
my friends.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash