December 2, 2020

Keep on Dancing

Keep on Dancing

I have always believed that life rewards action, yet so often I worry about the outcome of my choices, the consequences of my actions. I toil over the result, the cost – loss or gain. I see it in myself and in others. We weigh it all up, the pros and cons, the practicalities, the exciting ideas. We contemplate, over-analyse, spend endless nights trying to decide. All the while we are lost in thought, caught up in our own introspective struggle, time passes and life happens. There are times we worry so much about what to do that we are paralysed into doing nothing. And yet time and time again, life shows us that it rewards action. Not thought. Not great ideas or good intentions – ACTION.

It is not the choice that matters, but the fact that you dare to choose.
I have these fleeting moments where I get it, when I see clearly through the fog that fear creates and realise that looking back on life it really is never about what we think or what we do but simply that we risk doing it. Change cannot occur if we stand still. Growth cannot occur from remaining stagnant. Life is about experiencing and learning about ourselves, each other and the universe, from those experiences. That is it.
It does not matter what path we take as there is no wrong or right path. They are just different paths, each with its own experiences and lessons. Just choices and consequences of those choices. The outcome may or may not be the same, but either way it still does not matter, as the outcome is actually not the point of this whole experience. The journey, the laughs, the love, the giving, the hurt, the healing, the trying, the doing, the risking it all, the freedom, the bliss. That is what it is about.

I had an experience recently in meditation, of speaking to Jesus and hearing his reassuring words that life is simply a dance. I attempted to write down what I heard, in the form of a poem, which I added below.

So the advice to both you and me regarding those thoughts going around in our heads, those decisions we are trying to make, is to stop worrying about it and just pick something!

Take action. Don’t hesitate. Don’t over-analyse.

Just say ‘yes!’ and keep on dancing.
Do it.

And most importantly, have fun while you do. xx

"Don’t fret child,
just dance

Life is like a dance I’m doing
but often I don’t know which way to turn
which steps to take.
If you are my teacher, please show me
How can I know?

“It doesn’t matter which direction you go
There is no wrong or right dance
You can always turn these moves into another dance
You can choose to move in a different way
to different music
as long as you keep moving,
keep dancing.
You cannot take a wrong turn
Keep listening to that music
It doesn’t matter what dance you do
as long as you stay on the dance floor”

I am worried, what if I trip over my feet?
What if I step on your toes?

“Don’t worry
You will get better with practice
The more you dance with me,
the easier it will become.

Don’t fret child,
just dance”

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash