May 17, 2020

Marking the Days

Marking the Days
“Time is a relationship that we have with the rest of the universe; or more accurately, we are one of the clocks, measuring one kind of time. Animals and aliens may measure it differently. We may even be able to change our way of marking time one day, and open up new realms of experience, in which a day today will be a million years.”

- George Zebrowski

My daughter said the other day, how in lockdown, all days are the same. No Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc, she exclaimed, “from now on we will call them all just day”. And it is true. Yesterday, my mom searched through the TV channels for the Sunday movie, before realising it was actually Saturday and I usually lie for a few minutes in bed, upon waking, taking time to acknowledge what day it is. This made me think - How do you mark the days? 
If we don’t give our days some sort of structure or special task, they end up flowing into one long repetitive groundhog day,  leaving us feeling empty and lacking in purpose.

I realise one of the ways I mark the days, is with food. There is no doubt I am a foodie and also love feeding people, so preparing special meals on certain days, adds meaning to that day. While Mondays and Tuesdays are simple and healthy, usually consisting of grilled fish or meat with a salad or veg; Wednesday allows for something more indulgent, like pasta and ‘Fun Friday’ as we call it, involves casual food like burgers or pizza, followed usually by chocolate or some sort of treat. Sunday is all about a late lunch/early dinner consisting of a full roast with all the trimmings and often a pudding too. I know families that do Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday etc, which could be another way of marking the days. Because I have been homeschooling, before lockdown was even a thing, we also marked the days with certain school subjects. Again the beginning of the week is usually busy with the ‘serious’ subjects like Maths, Science and English, but Wednesdays have always been about Art and creative writing and Fridays allow for an outing or baking.

One of my most special days is Sunday, also known amongst my soul sister friends as Sacred Sunday. Sunday is the holy day, the day to focus on your spirituality, especially if you don’t already have a daily practice in place. I do have a daily practice, but on a Sunday I like to lengthen it. Although I allow myself to sleep in on a weekend if my body wants to, I do enjoy waking early and spending time with yoga, meditation, prayer and bible reading. It has always been this way for me, although in the past I used to do Japa mala and card layouts, where as now I catch up on my bible plans and also reflect on how the week has gone, what I need to work on improving or creating for the next week. It is the day of introspection, reading, quiet walks in the park and family time. Today we plan to watch a movie together.

Having structure to each day, from the time you wake to how the day unfolds, also helps with keeping track of where you are in the week and gives substance to your life. When we don’t have work and school schedules to adhere to, or set places to be each day, we need to create the structure ourselves. It need not be strict, in fact one of the advantages of being in lockdown is the more relaxed way of life that people have experienced. Not rushing around so much has resulted in less stress and more time for family and relaxation and that is surely a good thing. I think it has been an opportunity for people to discover a different way of living and being in this world. I guess it always come down to balance. The harmony between structure and fluidity. So however you choose to mark your days, most importantly enjoy them.
Enjoy your Sacred Sunday x

Photo by Karanvir Pathania on Unsplash