"Prayer is talking to God, Meditation is listening."
- unknown

What is it you truly seek?

What is it you truly seek? When the noise has subsided and your body is still. Where is it that your mind goes when you try to quiet it, when you let the silence in?

What happens when you no longer fight the moment, when you allow yourself to just be and know that being is good enough?
Do the thoughts that rise to the surface of your mind, excite or scare you?
Do you ignore, or run from them?

And if you manage to accept each thought and then move beyond it, in the experience of quieting your mind, what happens next? If you tame that wild horse that never seems to stop, what rises up from within, as if bubbling out from your soul? That inner knowing, that insight. What does it tell you?
What do you need to hear?
What do you need to change?

What is it you truly seek, when you no longer feel afraid, and are able to step out of the shadows and allow yourself to say YES to life?

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