May 7, 2020

Message From a Crow

Message From a Crow

I came upon him one late afternoon
under a dark grey and bilious sky
I had carried my heavy heart with me
swaddled like a new born baby
weak and vulnerable,
noisy and needy
aware it called out to the universe
Still, I found myself
surprised to hear a reply

-especially from a bird I don’t particularly like

The crow squawked
and came to rest where I had stopped.
Now perched on a branch on the tree, above me,
it started to talk

-strange, garbled sounds
I have never heard before
nor since

I am not sure if it was moaning about its bad day
or trying to console me for mine
It could be the message was a warning
an omen of things to come
   (that seems fitting for a crow)

All I know, is that crow had listened to my crying heart
and offered a response
that echoed deep into the night
long after it was gone.

Photo by Leonor Oom on Unsplash
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