This is just a selection of some of my favourite poems.


the journey is a circle

you end where you began

we spend our whole lives

retracing our own steps

it has been a long discovery

but look at us

we are standing on holy ground

the night birds

are you awake?

come with me and walk outside

among the nettles and cow-parsley

you may hear a marsh warbler sing

the first hours after sunset

are noticeably silent

it is then that the Gods

pack away the day

sit with me here in waiting

close your eyes and listen

the night is full of sounds

and they are not all from the birds

In Mind

The sun continues to set

the days move on.

It is just the way it is

do not take it personally.

Sometimes the world gets too much,

insecurities clawing at you

like a wild animal.

Dear child of the universe

you know it need not be this way.

Let go of your longing

your endless searching for more

the prophets say,

‘Wear the world like a loose garment.’

When the sun melts into the horizon at dusk

remember the truth is within you

and this life is your own to live.

Do not be afraid

Everything belongs to you.

A March Evening

Forgive me for not replying sooner,

but I was caught up in the sight of the egg-yolk sun

being welcomed by the great sea.

My thoughts were pulled towards the young child

who lost his dog today

and the smell of smoke and cooked dinners in the air,

Mothers calling their children in from their sand-castles.

Forgive me for not giving you my full attention,

but I was sidetracked by my own dinner that ended up in the dirt-bin

and my need to fill empty space with something warm,

and satisfactory and complete,

while still tending to the little hand tugging on my shirt-sleeve,

packing away the dishes from the granite counter.

Forgive me for not seeming myself

but my mind is doing cartwheels in my overcrowded head

while I contemplate an incomplete life.

I can’t help but pause and consider the alternatives

I have passed along my way

and the balloons of dreams I let loose into the sky,

nothing more than hot air floating towards the heavens.

Meditations at the Cove

Sitting looking out at sea
I ask the questions
my soul longs to ask.

The rocks absorb my enquiry
with silent salutation.
The Oyster Catcher squawks his distant reply,
as do the crashing waves.

In the distance I see a brightness,
flashing in patterns - on, and off.
I am drawn to that point, beyond the bay.
Safe harbour to all who see the light.

Do you know my secret?
This place is the center of the world.
All things come to and leave from here
- the sacred point where universes are created.
It is here, where nature talks to me
and I am no longer alone.

My Life in Laundry

Sometimes I feel my life is measured in laundry,

a currency of soiled shirts and linen.

I live upon an an endless time-line

of washing, drying and folding.

Lost in yet another spin-cycle,

I ponder the women before me

and pray for those ahead,

still to know such furious boredom.

Heaving under the weight of yet another filled basket,

I can’t help but consider all the misspent hours.

Oh, how much time women would save

if it were just acceptable to walk around naked!

Observing The Scenery

I am

too often misunderstood.

I find myself

too frequently tongue-tied,

where words are necessary.

I am

the pause between your breaths,

cold coffee left in a paper cup,

yesterday’s desperate sigh,

now forgotten.

I am

too often alone

with just my hungry mind for company,

the tireless meerkat scratching in the dirt for food,

the brave kestrel about to take flight,

yet still circling the spot

where her nest had been.