I am busy working on a selection of devotional poetry. I have always loved the mystics and poets like Rumi, Hafez and Kabir as well as those involved with the Hindu Bhakti movement. I am inspired by themes of nature, passionate love and themes of connecting with the Divine and so when I write a poem from this perspective, it is for me a form of meditation. It is my hope that when it is read, it will be that for my reader as well.

Here is a taster,


the stars shine

the birds sing in tune

the sea kisses the shore

I stand still and look

all around me

you are in everything


my heart is open

like a lotus in sunlight

a rose in full bloom

your presence rests on my lips

like dew

all this time

I may have been lost

but the thought of you

brings me home

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash