“Our family determines how we find our ground, how we form our territory. If we do not have plenty of touching and holding, we may never be sure of ourselves emotionally, of the ground we stand on, since we cannot trust others to hold us. It’s been my experience as well as others’, that people who are not held enough,have a fear of falling and hold themselves stiffly away from the earth.”

  • Stanley Keleman

Today may love wrap around you like a warm blanket. May you find comfort in the small things - time with loved ones, moments in the sun, a smile, a fresh cup of tea.

Make time to reach out and touch someone you love, be it in a warm embrace or long passionate kiss. Hold them in your arms and take in the moment fully, appreciating the sense of touch and human connection it brings. Be sure of your place in this world, of both of your belonging.

May you savour each breath and memory of happy days, while never lingering too long on the past, nor waiting too impatiently for the future.

May you embrace the day with open arms and welcome each new experience with hope and joy in your heart.

May you enjoy the flavour of your life and may it taste sweet.
Have a good day, my friends.

Photo by Christiana Rivers on Unsplash