"Loving is a journey with water and with stars, with smothered air and abrupt storms of flour: loving is a clash of lightning-bolts and two bodies defeated by a single drop of honey."
- Pablo Neruda

I enjoy experimenting with food and different flavours as means of creative expression and I also love feeding and nurturing friends and family. I love to share food that is nurturing, indulgent yet healthy. I call the food I make, "Voluptuous Food". According to Collins Dictionary, something that is voluptuous "gives you a great deal of pleasure from the rich way it is experienced through your senses."

It is food that is wholesome, nostalgic and unpretentious at heart.

As food is a big part of my life and I am frequently asked to share my recipes, I have added this section to my site, and hope you will enjoy it. xx
* Keep stopping by - I add new recipes every Wednesday and Sunday.

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Photo by Andy Chilton on Unsplash