May 17, 2020

Saturday’s 6 Things

Saturday’s 6 Things

Six facts about what I have focused on this past week.

1. I have enjoyed watching:
The short talks on the Psalms on the Youtube Chanel for St Peter’s Notting Hill.

2. Favourite meal or recipe of the week:
My Lentil Dhal

3. The Bible Verse that has resonated the most with me:

“As the deer pants for the water brooks,
So pants my soul for You, O God.”
- Psalm 42 : 1 (NKJV)

4. What I have been listening to:
Old Bee Gees tracks (we play them first thing in the morning to dance and wake up to)

5. What’s new:
Discovering the most amazing shops and side streets of Westbourne Grove. I delighted in discovering this quaint little mini library outside one house. (See the photo above)

6. A Quote/Poem I have pondered:

“Your body is away from me,
but there is a window open
from my heart to yours.
From this window, like the moon
I keep sending news secretly.”
- Rumi