A bird does not sing because he has an answer. He sings because he has a song.
-Joan Walsh Anglund

There is something within you now that you need to do. Some creative urge, an energy that needs expressing in your own unique way. There is always at least one activity in your life that you will do, simply because you cannot not do it. It would be akin to not breathing.

This passion/activity does not need to be forced. It will flow freely out of you. You will feel restless and unsettled until you are doing it. You will feel fulfilled by its’ expression. If you have not found your passion yet, simply close your eyes and open your heart to the answers within. They are there, I promise you. But you must be still to know them. Don’t analyse. Don’t over-think it. It doesn’t have to make sense or look pretty or be complete. You don’t need a fan-club, a guru or a huge budget to manifest it. If it is your passion you will find a way to live it and the only thing that really matters, is the way it makes you feel. Live your life. Do the thing you were born to do.

Sing your song, my friends.

Photo by Vittorio Zamboni on Unsplash