September 12, 2020

Singing to the trees

Singing to the trees

I have tried the meditation
that arrived in my inbox,
the one that guides me to connect with nature
and talks of singing to the trees

Just this week as I walked in the park
I noticed the tree with the heart shape
on its trunk
and the one filled with bright green parrots
along with the Cherry Blossom, the old Oak

I asked my daughter to go and hug a tree
I knew it would improve her mood,
heal her stifled soul for a minute.
She didn’t hesitate
as she has been raised by a crazy mother who asks
these sorts of things of her children

- Hug a tree, speak to the fairies, call on St Anthony

Fantasy, mystery
it doesn’t really matter.
The longer I live the more I realise
just how much we don’t know,
or can barely begin to understand
about this universe
about our existence

I know this though
- We are all interconnected
- We are not separate beings
  but part of the whole
and I know for certainty
that nature heals

I run my hands over the grass
as I lean back against the large trunk of this old tree
Pee - wheh - neh
I am singing to the trees
and if I listen carefully
I can hear them singing back to me.