“Caroline is the most talented person I have ever met.

I have had a few sessions with her over the past 4 years and every time she was right on the spot. The advice she gave me on detoxing my body and growing as a person inspired me so much that I have started to take control of my life again and stopped other people from ruling my life. After each session with her I feel empowered and full of positive energy to take on the world and overcame all the negative things in my daily life.Truly an enriching experience every time! Can not wait for my next visit.”  
- Celia, South Africa

“Caroline is a kind, wise and very professional teacher.

Her guidance has been invaluable during uncertain times - I can highly recommend this lovely lady.”
- Venita Botha, UK

"Caroline has a deep love & passion for women, she is deeply intuitive and has a gentle and non-judgemental approach, always acting from a place of love.

She guides rather than instructs and works with Spirit in order to bring about the best outcome for her client. Thanks to Caroline I have a better understanding of who I am as a Spiritual being and that only Love can set us free."
- Suzaan Downey, Auckland, New Zealand

"I received My first Reiki treatment from Caroline a year ago and I was overwhelmed by the connection I felt and the result of the treatment.

Caroline provided detailed information that was both helpful and "spot on" to what I was experiencing at that time. I have been saved by this beautiful, warm and wonderful person with the biggest heart. In this year since my first interaction with Caroline I have grown into a much stronger person. The journey of visiting the past has been trying at times but I am so much more empowered in this moment. With her guidance I became aware of so many divine gifts that the universe has abundantly blessed me with.
Caroline I will be forever grateful for making me realise that I am not a victim of my past. It was all meant to be part of my journey.
Your are one of my Guardian Angels and thank you for helping me get rid of so many masks. I slowly are starting to dance and sing again. I am enchanted by stories and poetry, yes I am nearly at comfort with the sweet territory of silince."

- Judith Breytenbach, Langebaan, South Africa

"Caroline has played a very important role in my life for a couple of years.

I have attended her yoga classes, her master class for Reiki, weekend retreats, meditation classes and a past life regression. All of these were experiences that I relish. I have found Caroline a very compassionate and caring person, but what impressed me most is that she not only gives these classes, but she lives them every day – it is not just her hobby or work, it is her lifestyle and her passion."
- Leana Hefer, South Africa