June 27, 2020

Saturday’s 6 Things

Saturday’s 6 Things

Six facts about what I have focused on this past week.

1. I have enjoyed watching:
The Great, another series about the rather interesting Catherine the Great, this one done in a more humorous and light-hearted manner. Hazzah!

2. Favourite meal or recipe of the week:

Middle Eastern Inspired Lamb koftas, falafel, hummus and salad.

3. What I have been listening to:
Modest Mouse, Missed the Boat

4. What I have been reading:

Really enjoyed “The turn of the key” by Ruth Ware.

5. What’s new:
Shops being open has meant some trips to Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nicholas.

6. A Poem I have pondered:

“A Chung-nan Mountain Monk

The voice of success and profit

May stir the vault of heaven,

But not this place.

In the rounds of the day,

You wear threadbare clothing

And eat simple fare.

When the mountain snow deepens,

Your thoughts

Are far from those of people.


Immortals pass your door

And knock.”

- Kuan-hsiu (832–912)